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PHP Image Library

Thanks to Ryan Mauger, I just got into the best php based OOP Image Framework of which I ever heard: Imagine. Using that, I could finally get some proper thumbnails for It’s gonna be online with the next major update of the page. Now I only need to remove my own poor OOP Image abstraction and replace it with that gorgeous thing.

The inclusion in Zend Framework is quite simple, just place the Imagine source folder in the library path and add Imagine as a namespace in the application configuration.

This is the (unfortunately not great) documentation, and hereis the source in Github.


Accomodation in Barcelona

Okay folks, I’m looking for a 2-4 ppl shared apartment in Barcelona. I’d highly favor a mix of both UAB and UPF Students to keep connections into both campuses/programs. In order to secure easy access to both campuses, I’d suggest  a location somewhere around Via Augusta and Career de Palmes and August as the first month. (For UAB Students: as long as you dont plan to go to campus several times a day, the advantages of the city should overcompensate the 20 minutes ride to the university).

To my person: I’m 23 years old from Cologne, half German and half Iranian. I can’t stand chaos in the kitchen, but I’m more relaxed for the rest of the apartment (though it should be livable).

Stata: Data Merging

Wow, STATA got a blog! Since I’m actually having merging problems, this postwas very interesting for me.